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Related post: Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 07:17:45 GMT From: story teller Subject: REALLY HAIRY FAMILYREALLY HAIRY FAMILY (part one)This is the first installment of a long story. I would like some gay boy preteens feed back.Do not read if you do not have fantasies about big hairy men making it with younger smooth guys, including willing russian amateur preteen members of the family. And don't forget to play safe. Grandad and I are walking in the park of his Company's headquarters. He's the big boss here, along with his son, my father. While we walk he unbuttons the pants of his elegant gray three piece suit and fishes out his huge soft cock. It dangles heavily in front of him. The thick foreskin covers two thirds of the head, outlining the ridge of his knob and leaving the area around the piss slit uncovered. "Grandad, why did you do that? Aren't you afraid that somebody preteen nude stories might see you?" 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Isn't it a nice coincidence that it is also my sixty eighth birthday, chubby preteen model we should celebrate and get more accustomed to each other. I let your education entirely in the hand of your father in the past years, I hadn't even noticed your coming of age." He looks at me as if seeing me for the first time: "Why don't you show me your cock Billy, did you inherit preteens topless list the family big genes?" "I'm glad you asked me Grandad because was beginning to feel uncomfortable in my jockstrap but I didn't know what you'd preteens pics porn think if I got it out..." "Nonsense boy! Let's establish a rule: from now on when we're alone we are free to get our cock out and be comfortable, is that alright sexy preteen blog with you?" As an answer to that my cock and balls are out of my pants in second. A nice equipment if you ask me but not as huge as preteen lesbian video Grandad's. He looks down appreciatively and winks: "That's just like your father when he was your age, and nice balls too... now let me take mine out of prison too... here." His thick uncut meat now flops on top of his hairy low hangers. I look at my Grandad's huge genitals bouncing while we walk together, he scrutinizes mine without embarrassment and smiles. "You remind me so much of your dad, Billy... he looks more like me every day now." "And I love it Grandad. Since I was a child he used to walk around in his jockstrap when mom was not there. I would stare at his big hairy powerlifter's body and I liked the fur covered masculine gut he was putting on and the trimmed beard he had grown since he started losing hair on top of his head. He hot nude preteen would pose for me to show me his biceps and strong thighs. How I enjoyed looking at the forest of hair covering his body from the neck down, and I loved seeing it was even thicker under his armpits when he lifted his arms to flex his biceps for me. "When hardcore preteens xxx father showed off his powerful muscles for me the pouch of his jockstrap would swell and stretch the fabric and he walked around with this huge bulge perfectly outlining the contour of his cock and balls. After a while there would be preteen 17 year a wet spot that let me almost see through the fabric around his cockhead. "I always told him how much I liked his hairiness and that I wanted to grow big and hairy as he was, and I hoped rusian preteen models his body hair would keep growing as he grew models nude preteens older, and that I would become as hairy as he was. "Unfortunately I don't seem to grow any hair though, although I maxwells preteen girls get almost as much treatment as he does." As pre teens horny I jap preteens talk like this Grandad's cock seems to stir and slowly grow bigger, he raises preteen webcam movies his brow: "And what would that treatment exactly be?" he asks. "Oh it's a long story. When I was thirteen I learned about jacking off from my school mates. One day I was so heated up I didn't hear him walk upstairs, I preteen pics soft thought he was in the living room and I was totally caught in the joy of discovering sexy preteen nude these new sensations, pulling at my cock and feeling my smooth body and touching my nipples. Wow, my friend Denny had touched euro preteen tight my nipples once we were jacking off together and I thought it was the most electric and exciting sensation I ever experienced. Anyway, there I was alone and enjoying and there suddenly was dad on the door. "My heart dropped as I saw him, just a few seconds before coming, jeez I was so ashamed and confused my dick went limp in no time, and he was in his jockstraps as usual when mom wasn't around and even in my embarrassment for a second I felt a current of lust and excitement passing between us, but I wanted to die, I really couldn't stand the shame of my dad catching me doing hots angels preteen those things. "To my surprise he wasn't mad at me, he had a rather mocking smile on his bearded face. incest preteens video He calmed me down and explained that masturbation is a normal thing 'for us guys' and said he would teach me everything... he said exactly the same words you used before 'better for a natural nonnudepreteen pics boy to learn it all from his father rather than preteen lolas portal getting forum pics preteen it wrong from somebody else.' "As he spoke he came closer to me, the bulge in his jockstrap was more swollen preteen girls sucking than usual and I could see a wet patch getting preteen personal ads bigger as he said 'You can watch me as I movie preteen enjoy myself, son, that's the best way for you to learn how to pleasure preteen non nue yourself. Look at how my jockstrap is stretched preteen nymphetts to the limit, it's spread so thin you can see the pink of my meat, that's because your dad's cock is hard and needs relief. See that wet spot? That's called precum, it tells when you're really ready lollipop preteen model for pleasure and it leaks out of my cock right now because I'm ready... 'But dad - I interrupted - I noticed you almost always have a wet spot on your jockstrap!' "He smiled and winked at me, 'You see son, some men are always ready to play', and he laughed out loud grabbing his cock under the jockstrap and aiming it at me, thrusting his hips forward just inches from my face: 'Back to the lesson now, just beating your meat like you did may be good for kids but a man underage preteen vagina likes to enjoy himself, all of himself, when he masturbates'. "He spread his legs and thrust his hips up and down so that his cock would rub against the tight fabric that enveloped it. His hands were running through his body, finally twisting his big hard nipples between his fingers. 'Aaahh preteens finland son, I could show you how I cum just playing with these fuckers without even touching my cock, but let's leave that for advanced lessons, just don't forget what I teach you, your nipples play a very important in your pleasure - or the pleasure of others as you will learn when you grow older, or when preteen kama sutra you play with you jack-off buddies', he winked and european topless preteens left me once more shocked and relieved. Jack-off buddies!? so Denny and I weren't the only freaks around after all. 'Time for you to see your dad real naked', he went preteen near nude on, and he pulled down his jockstrap. 'Do you like what you see son? What preteens boys nude do you think? your naked dad is showing you his big hairy hard preteen nude3 cock. See how preteen pantyhose girls it grows bigger and harder even as I talk to you, how I make it bounce without touching it. You like that, Billy?' 'Oh dad, this harcore preteen videos is beautiful. It's like when you flex your big muscles for me, only better', I stared in awe admiring his huge horny masturbating preteens balls and cock ls thumbs preteen that seemed to grow and grow forever. 'Look', he said 'I'm nonude picks preteen almost fully hard now, the foreskin is completely pulled back.' 'Yes dad, and your cock is up against your hairy belly, throbbing just like mine. oops dad, I got hard again.' 'This is normal korean preteens nude son, why don't you look at what I do and do the same, your dad's gonna preteenporn kids teach you, come on Billy, beat that meat for your dad'. "His huge hairy arms moved through his chest, stroking and twisting his big nude ukrainian preteens hard nipples, his legs parted wide, his hips thrusting slowly up and down making his rock hard cock bounce, dripping precum from preteen wearing underwear it's shiny head. 'Look at me son, look at your dad having fun with himself, watch how I stroke my 3d preteen artwork meat long and slow, long and slow, no need to hurry son, long and slow, a man has to enjoy himself. I'm playing with the cock that made you Billy, do you like it as you like daddy's muscles and his beer belly?' He started grunting ... 'ooh boy, your dad naked preteens fucking is almost ready, these balls can't hold it any longer.'. "For a long time he kept on grunting and preteen films talking dirty. I was mesmerized but not enough that I couldn't beat my own meat to his rhythm that was now increasing, beating harder preteen with ass and faster till our hands became a blur. I came first, my first spurt landing on his cock. That triggered him, he used it as lubricant spreading preteenie nudity it on his fat cockhead and suddenly he started growling like pre teen illigel a bear, louder and louder. 'Yeah... growl ... fuck... son ... grrowl ... I ... am... jacking... off.. with.. my son's.. cum... on my japanes preteen rape ... coooock! yeah. ..aaaggghh...', long thick surts of sperm erupted from dad's massive cock, landing on the black forest of hair covering chest and even onnhis hairy shoulders, then just flowing out of his big piss slit down the shaft and onto his hand. "He panted heavily and said nothing for a while, just smiling at me as I looked in awe, almost oblivious of my own orgasm, then he lifted his hand and licked the pre teen escort sperm out of it. Locked in his gaze I lifted my own hand and did the same with the two drops I'd managed to squirt. He then shoved me into the shower rather matter of factly and went to his room. I heard a sigh as deep as mine as he was leaving the room." Grandad is quite impressed and quite amused by my story, I can tell by the twinkle in his eyes and the swelling of his cock, but that's another story...REALLY HAIRY FAMILY (Part 2)William D. Harrison, my grandad, keeps walking and listening. He is now sporting a full erection, his pedo preteen toplist huge cock underage preteen art curved up and throbbing hard, the foreskin completely retracted topless preteen underage exposing his knob and preteen virgin jpg the gaping piss slit lubed with precum. I am also hard and not totally comfortable with it, but then he says: "Don't be shy Billy, let your cock get hard and beat it if you want, we're family! William Jr. Look what a huge boner you're giving your grandad William Sr., and look at you dripping precum from that juicy boy cock, you're gonna mess your pants". We have now reached the gazebo and my grandfather William Sr. sits down on a deck chair and gets his portable phone of his pocket. "Got a couple of business calls to make, that'll help cool off this erection or preteen lol models I won't be able to piss and I need to piss like a horse. Why don't you get naked for me Billy while I go through my calls, this way you won't soil your pants with all that cock juice.", he winks and starts talking over the phone. I do as he says and then I drag another deck chair close to my grandad's but I sit facing him so we look at each other. He is bossing people around over the uk preteens models telephone, laying down with his cocks and met preteen art balls fresh preteen boys plopped out of his elegant three-piece. After a few minutes of business is cock is limp again and he strokes the soft eight inches of it, absent mindedly pulling at the foreskin as he deals with money orders and stock exchange and hiring more employees for the new project and so on. I lay naked in front of him, my legs parted and crystal preteen model my hard on still raging and while he talks I reach out to his ballsac, which rests on the chair's floor and I weigh his bull balls in my hand. They fill it completely, they're so big and warm and hairy. He stops stroking his soft cock and his hand moves all over me, stroking my smooth body, finally gripping my cock and masturbating it slowly while he dictates orders to his assistants over the phone. chubby preteen photo I pull back his foreskin and observe his pisshole all wet with precum: the slit is so large my finger could slide inside and fuck his massive swedish preteen nudity tool. naked preteen gallery I rub the precum all over grandad's cockhead and the monster stirs again, ready for another hard on. The phone calls are finished. He spreads his legs wider, closes his eyes and leans back on the headrest still gripping my hard cock and masturbating me ever so slowly. "So", he says, " what happened after that first jack off lesson with my son? Tell me and don't be shy Billy." "Well grandad, he taught me all the secrets of masturbation, he told me about fucking, about blow jobs and preteens galerie everything... and every time we would jack off together while he explained all these things to me. I mean we didn't touch each other, we just got off watching each other. "The first times I would be able to squirt only small loads and I was fascinated by the amount of cum always spurting from Dad's cock and landing on his chest preteen dating tips and tummy; he would rub it onto his hair afterwards, or scoop it up with preteen models bikinis his fingers, smile at me and eat it while I watched; it was all very playful. When I asked him why he ate his cum he said 'makes your hair grow' and winked at me 'the more you eat the hairier you get'. "I was obsessed with Dad's big body and his hairiness and so I started asking him if I'd get to be like that but he told me 'either preteen sex tasteful you have the genes or you don't', which I did neither understand nor believe: 'but you just told me that eating cum does it!'. "Dad laughed and said 'OK, maybe model preteen movie we can use our body liquids as a lotion to grow hairier, come on, why preteen black nonude don't you cum all over your preteen nudes jpegs Dad and rub it in his hair so he'll get even hairier, you like your Dad's hairy body don't you?'. "I didn't know if he was teasing me and just having a little fun or if he was serious but finally I told him 'OK Dad, but then you'll have to do the same to me' and I could see he didn't dislike the idea: he had just come all over himself but his cock was up and hard again preteens girl against his hairy belly." "Once nudist beaches preteen when I was sixteen mom took off on a Ladies' week end with her friends. Dad said we could spend the entire week end the two of us at home. It was winter, lots of snow had fallen: it was pleasant and warm inside and who cared to go anywhere when I could spend an entire week end watching my Dad's big balls and cock bounce as he walked around the house showing his naked hairy body to his son. "The first night Dad was very tired from a long week's work and after pretending to watch TV while actually watching each other's naked body, our legs spread-eagled on the armrests of our favorite chairs, eyes fixed on each other's crotch, he said we might as well turn off the TV and watch the real show. "He started beating his big dick and asked me to move 101 preteen models over and stand in front of him, his voice was rasping and deep as preteen indian cum he said 'come over here son, do magic preteens free you want to help your daddy get even hairier? then dark collections preteen we need to water this hairy forest, come and piss on your daddy's chest Billy, piss all over me, your daddy is ready for a shower...' Grandad lets go of my cock now, he gets up and straddles my deck kiddy sex preteens chair, his bull balls dangling heavily as he beats his throbbing hard on. "Yeah', he grunts, "and then what? Did you give him what he wanted? Tell me, and keep on wanking while you tell me." I do preteen nude party as he says and while enjoying the sight of him towering while he jacks off on top of me I continue: "Yes grandad, I was mesmerized by preteen peeing videos dad's husky voice and by the sight of him so hot and open to me, my dad wanted me to piss on him and I felt a tingling I'd never felt before, a warmth deep in my belly and a weakness on my knees... and everything felt right and love pre teen it was like I'd stepped into a door and I would never come back. I was strangely relaxed and happy as the long warm stream cascaded from my cock onto my Dad's hairy body and into his open mouth and I was in peace with the world like an infant who pees in his diapers oblivious of anything but the instant pleasure of release and warmth and I came watching my daddy all soaked with my piss." Grandad is all hot piss drinking preteens and excited, he's looking into my eyes. We just jack off furiously, he's grunting and talking dirty while he beats off on top of his grandson. "Yeah boy . grunt . preteens semi nude that's true. your dad always liked piss even more than cum . fuck ..aaaghh.. cum with grandaddy Billy . I'm going to . fucking. drown hentai preteen angels you in my sperm . aaaagggghhh. yyyeaaahh." We come at the same tokyo preteens pedo time, a hot rain of cum falls down on me, my dressed up grandad showers me with his sperm and my own spurts fall on my chest and face, granddad seems to have saved weeks innocent preteen top of loads for me but finally the spurts end and he leans down and starts lapping his own cum all mixed preteen modell nude with mine. Not a drop is left on my smooth body. "Mmmm . slurp . grunt . delicious. my own cum mixed with my grandson's. here boy, have sexy preteen clothing some", and he kisses me with his mouth full of our cum. This is when dad arrives, but that's another story.Let me know if you liked it. little preteens nacked Thanks.
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